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Established in 1988,
Adhome Company focused on developing craft articles and materials.

From the incorporation of Adhome Company in 1997, we started to supply various trendy life style products to leading companies in the domestic and international market. We have accumulated the know-hows of product management and product development. In early 2004, with many years of experience in sourcing, human and technic management in China, we decided to establish the corporation in China, Living China. The products we produce in China have been very popular in overseas markets with its functionality, price advantage, and good quality.

Adhome Company cares the safety, durability, environment protection and the observance of laws and regulations. To keep the level and quality of our products, we have tested the products and receive the ertification through not only the world's largest testing services such as SGS but also the Korean testing services like KCL.

In addition, Adhome Company is conducting management based on sharing and coexistence for the goal of having mutual trust and shared growth, while taking the initiative in performing its social responsibilities as a corporate citizen.

Contact (Customer Service, OEM, ODM)
Address : (17162) 2F, 653-1, Jeil-Ri, Yangji-Myeon, Cheoin District, Yongin City, Gyeonggi Province, Republic of Korea.
TEL : +82-31-334-9212
FAX : +82-31-334-9942
E-Mail : gelloy@gelloy.com